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Vantage Resources, Inc. is a world-class consulting firm offering expertise and providing professional services in:

Vantage Resources, Inc. has extensive experience in the practical application of leading-edge organizational designs and strategic change initiatives. From production, distribution, complex services firms, and virtual organizations, Vantage Resources, Inc. has been leading the way.


Since 1997, Vantage Resources, Inc., located in Westlake Village, CA, has achieved success across a wide range of industries domestically and internationally. In Fortune 500 corporations, small family-owned enterprises, in union or non-union settings, and in public or private sectors, Vantage Resources, Inc. has been providing quality "beginning-to-end" solutions for over 20 years. Our success has been built on deep expertise, collaborative relationships with our clients, on impeccable integrity, mutual respect, professional credibility, and exceptional value. Our point of view at Vantage Resources, Inc., is that the world-class knowledge, skills, experience, and effective processes that produce innovative, quality solutions are only a part of the success equation. The ability to execute and follow through on those solutions is the distinctive competency that ultimately leads to success or failure.


Professional capabilities and extensive experience are a hallmark of Vantage Resources, Inc., but for successful implementation and sustained long-term performance, there must be a transfer of critical knowledge and skills to the internal resources of the enterprise. This underlying philosophy and approach of Vantage Resources, Inc. is the cornerstone of effective, relevant organizational designs, successful implementation, long-term continued effective implementation strategies, and increasing client capabilities for sustained performance. What this means for our clients is an organization aligned with its strategic intent through competent, engaged, and energized employees, empowering infrastructures integrated for speed, quality, and responsiveness.


Bottom line: spectacular performance, satisfied and dedicated customers, and long-term profitability and growth.


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John C. Sivie

John is the Founder and President of Vantage Resources, Inc., a Los Angeles based international organizational design and development consulting firm. VRI was founded in 1997 with the primary purpose of providing professional consulting services in strategy implementation through organizational excellence. Practice areas are organizational redesigns, organizational effectiveness, transformation and change management, and leadership development. Some of John’s clients include Boeing, Chevron, Sony Japan, Lear Corporation, Hawaii Gas, Thermo King, Rockwell International, Rocketdyne, NASA, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, General Electric, L 3-Com, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Amblin Partners, Boston Scientific, Thermo King, Bakersfield Memorial Medical Center, Raytheon, General Electric, Arvin-Meritor Automotive, Westinghouse Electric, Collins Avionics, Sony Japan as well as many mid-size, small, and start-up organizations. 
As a recognized thought leader in the field of organizational design and transformation, John was selected to lead complex and highly visible organizational redesign and transformation projects such as the Space Shuttle Main Engine Business, Space Station International, the Strategic Defense Initiative, and the National Aerospace Plane, to name a few. His clients were rewarded with the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, NASA’s George M. Low Award for Organizational Excellence as well as numerous in-company awards for exceptional performance. Clients’ bottom line success is the testament to John's capabilities and effectiveness. 
John’s executive development and practice include one-on-one executive and leadership coaching. His extensive background and experience at senior leadership levels provide him with a sound perspective on a range of business disciplines and their associated contexts. John’s practical, results-oriented approach is grounded in proven methodologies, conducted from an adult learning perspective. His ability to establish a working relationship based on trust and credibility makes him a highly respected executive mentor and coach by several Fortune 500 executives. His practice focuses on C-Level executives, Board Members, High Potential Leaders, and key Senior Professional contributors.   
John is a recognized expert in the design and delivery of customized executive education and has provided thought leadership in this area. He is an experienced professional in the design and facilitation of executive forums for the senior leadership of major corporations that enhance leadership capabilities necessary to address emerging business opportunities and threats. John’s innovative approach to executive development has been acclaimed in such benchmarked programs as Westinghouse’s Chairman’s Executive Forum for the top 200 high potential General Managers and Rockwell's Executive Forum for Business Unit leadership teams. John has also designed and facilitated executive planning forums for clients such as The Boeing Company, Aerojet/Rocketdyne, Collins Avionics, Boston Scientific, General Electric, and Lear Corporation to name a few.   
Presently John holds positions as an Adjunct Professor in university MBA programs, imparting his experience as a “pracademic” to future leaders. He has been invited to speak at leading business schools in the nation such as the Harvard Business School; Amos Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth; Anderson Business School, UCLA; Peter Drucker School of Business, Claremont; Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University; and the College of Business and Economics, West Virginia University. John’s undergraduate degree is from West Liberty University in finance, and he has completed his advanced degrees in Organization Development at The American University in Washington DC.
Before founding Vantage Resources, Inc.in 1997, John held executive positions in three Fortune 500 corporations and had successfully started two businesses. Originally from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, John presently resides in Agoura Hills California.