Organizational Redesigns & Transformations

"Flawless Strategy Execution Through Organizational Excellence"

Global competition, technology advancements, industry deregulation, increasing customer expectations, and changing employee values are only a few factors that have made changes a constant. This pace of change places unprecedented demands on business enterprises. For big and small organizations alike, speed, quality, and responsiveness are the formula for winning in today's global environment. It's becoming increasingly evident that yesterday's business models, techniques, structures, and philosophies are becoming irrelevant in responding to global market requirements. All organizations are subject to the ultimate test of the new hyper-demanding market place.


“Firefighting,” cross-functional competition, apathetic employees, mistakes and reworks, budget overruns and missed deadlines, customer complaints, narrowly focused “silo” mentality, and slow response times are only a few symptoms of a misaligned organization. Over the past two decades, businesses had to adapt and transform their organizations, often with disappointing results. Several change models have been introduced and tried during that time, but at best, they produced incremental improvements on the "fringes" with marginal bottom line results. Many involved change strategies that launched several organizational improvements and change initiatives within the organization simultaneously, each narrowly focused on specific aspects of the organization with little or no pre-planning and coordination. This approach tries to change the organization's parts, improving each piece, but resulting in sub-optimizing the entire system for marginal, or even worse, bottom line performance. These "shotgun," “problem-solving” approaches inevitably cause competition for the enterprise's resources, works counter to each initiative's intended outcome, and create waste, frustration, disillusionment, confusion, and disappointment. The sound organization improvement and change initiatives, as well as the ill-conceived 'fads,' suffer the same unfortunate consequence – dying from their own weight and abandoned with other “programs of the month.”


Any effective organizational design and transformation initiative must be approached from a whole-systems approach. Vantage Resources, Inc. provides a redesign and transformation process that does just that. The Vantage Resources, Inc. organizational redesign and transformation process provides a strategic change architecture that fundamentally redesigns the entire organization within a systematic and time-sensitive framework. The redesigned organization is aligned with the business strategic intent for speed, quality, and responsiveness. This includes the design of the organization’s technical work systems (core and support and administrative), cultural and social systems, political systems, and power allocations. Through the Vantage Resources, Inc.’s organizational design process, all the organization's current improvement and change initiatives are evaluated in a comprehensive framework for strategic relevancy and the logically integrated into, and sequenced within, the overall organizational design and transformation architecture as appropriate. This integration process is done through careful analysis of existing organizational data and applied with a systematic, sequenced design process. Vantage Resources, Inc. partners with our client's internal resources and collaborates to make the best and most relevant organizational design and transformation decisions. Making the client a part of the solution manages risk and assures a viable organization design. All parties work together to formulate a comprehensive implementation and transformation plan, which is implemented in phases and continuously evaluated for needed modifications.


From this process, the internal resources of the enterprise develop the competencies to sustain and further develop the organization as the external business environment changes, without heavy dependence on external consultants. Engaged, motivated, and knowledgeable employees operating in an organization designed for speed, quality, and responsiveness creates customer satisfaction and long-term profitable growth.


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