Union & Management Partnerships

"Productive Relationships for Competitive Advantage and Quality of Worklife."

Competitive intensity on a global scale has taxed the resources and energies of all enterprises. The intensity of competition is often underestimated. For those enterprises that cannot adapt, this poses a real threat to their survival and the job security of the people. Union and management have come to realize that they share a common interest and need to respond in new and innovative ways to keep the enterprise viable and successful. Sustaining lose/lose adversarial relationships diffuse internal resources that could be put to better use by responding to common, external, and competitive threats to the enterprise. While maintaining the fundamental union and management tenants and differentiated purposes, new relationships can be forged where both stand to benefit by coming together to address mutual issues on people and the performance of the enterprise. This new partnership, however, does require a fundamental shift in union and management philosophy and basic point of view. To realize the true benefits of a partnership, the relationship must begin with mutual trust, respect, integrity, and open, honest communications.


Vantage Resources, Inc. has provided expert facilitation to union and management teams, helping them apply the process to lay a solid foundation from which to build a new partnership. Vantage Resources, Inc. has also helped union/management groups implement the partnership philosophy, concepts, tools, and techniques to their negotiation process with outstanding results. From these efforts, union and management develop a far better understanding of the business and organization and the nature of the critical issues they face. From a common base of information, the union and management can make better decisions and communicate more effectively with their constituencies. This, in turn, increases credibility and strengthens their leadership position. Through the joint Issue Based Problem Solving Process, union and management can achieve innovative and viable solutions to tough problems not normally approachable under the traditional union/management relationship or negotiating process. Indeed, many of these innovative solutions have the potential to directly enhance important organizational capabilities, which lead to a sustained or improved competitive advantage.


Adversarial union/management relationships do produce contract agreements. However, they are often based on limited understanding and generate limited commitment towards implementation. This has serious implications for the enthusiasm and quality of implementing "agreements" in the actual workplace. This failure to "walk the talk" is a fundamental cause of relationships turning towards mistrust, contempt, secrecy, closed communication, and are often adversarial. The Vantage Resources, Inc. Issue Based/Problem Solving provides a sound understanding of the issues and relevant facts on which point decisions and solutions are based. From this base, a consensus can be reached on the best alternative with the mutual interests of all in mind. Since the union and management members are intricately involved in the problem-solving/decision-making process, both have a greater understanding, a vested interest, and higher commitment to successful implementation. Also, this common experience further builds the relationship of trust, respect, and open communication. To learn more about how to start the Issue Based/Problem Solving Process, and create a productive work environment, contact Vantage Resources, Inc.