Executive & Leadership Development

"Developing Strategic Leadership Capability for Success in the 21st Century"

During the last two decades, business leaders have experienced profound changes at unprecedented rates. Every year, the volume and speed of change increases. Today, many of the leadership skills and tools that worked so well in the past are no longer relevant. As we move further into an intensely competitive global economy, by all accounts the rate change will not slow but will increase, requiring new leadership models and tools.


In the global environment of the 21st century, the leaders of an enterprise are challenged with a new set of strategic questions that are increasingly more difficult to answer...

Answers to these questions and many more have profound implications for the continued success of any enterprise. Also, the answers are not only more difficult to determine, but in an increasingly complex and changing world are relevant for a shorter time. Time and relevance in acquiring strategic information and intelligence are of the essence in any winning enterprise equation.


The influence of effective leadership on an enterprise's success has become more evident in the last two decades. Time and again, the key success factor of threatened and declining enterprises was a well-informed and enlightened leadership team. Well thought out and executed executive and leadership education has been one of the most successful change levers emerging from past experiences. Knowledge and information have become a recognized competitive advantage, and when instilled in the leadership of the enterprise, it can become the platform for assessing the strategic direction and leading organizational change.


How do leaders and executive teams acquire professional leadership tools, concepts, frameworks and perspectives to be highly effective? While most university, executive education programs, or public seminars are generally effective, they are commonly designed to serve a broad set of industries or general trends of the day and require extensive time away and investment. Participating in executive leadership development as an "intact" team provides the advantage of focusing on specific industry and enterprise issues relevant to today’s environment. Armed with professional leadership concepts, frameworks, and perspectives, the leadership team has the capability for a deep understanding of the issues facing their enterprise today and in the future. The need for strategic change becomes more evident, and the leadership becomes more proactive than reactive. Vantage Resources, Inc. has worked extensively in the field of executive and leadership development. A proven methodology is applied to tailor and focus the educational content to the specifics of your enterprise, effectively using time and resources to address the most relevant issues.


Also, Vantage Resources, Inc. draws on the world's leading experts to provide the most current thinking and information on a wide range of today's most pressing issues. Vantage Resources, Inc. will design a customized, focused leadership program with relevant content and format and deliver it in a way that makes the experience engaging, stimulating, and interactive. This format is a structured, "no-nonsense" leadership team workshop resulting in specific action plans and implementation strategies. For more information about how your executive leadership team can prepare for the challenges of the 21st century, contact Vantage Resources, Inc. today.