Organizational Analysis & Development

"Continuous Development of Organization Capabilities and Competencies"

While organization design and transformation are a comprehensive realignment of the enterprise and typically driven by a fundamental change in business strategy, organizational development and improvement services can be viewed as maintenance and modification to the existing organizational systems and sub-processes. Over time, the external environment of the business changes and the organization must address and adjust to those changes in real time to remain highly effective in its performance. Also, in the spirit of continuous development and improvement, enhancements to the organization are never-ending. Fine-tuning the organization’s sub-processes, increasing employee capabilities, and installing new business processes and technology are a few examples of ways to address continued organizational development and performance improvement.


It is typical for organizations to experience atrophy, drifting alignment, and dysfunctional relationships. Constant “fire-fighting,” cross-department competition, apathetic and uncommitted workforce, mistakes and reworks, customer complaints, slow response times, and budget and missed deadlines are just a few examples of the symptoms of organizational problems at the system and sub-process levels. It is for these reasons the organization’s performance must be continually be analyzed, assessed, and modifications planned and implemented to maintain organizational alignment with the business strategy. Constant improvement of the enterprise's systems and sub-processes, along with the implementation of best practices, is the engine driving the evolution to higher levels of performance and customer satisfaction.


Changes to existing organizational systems must not only be consistent, but also carefully crafted to integrate with the context of the existing enterprise and culture. Implementation must be carried out in a way that is properly sequenced and time sensitive. "Benchmarking" other companies’ best practices and "overlaying" it on the existing organization seldom works. While benchmarking for best practices is a valid learning endeavor, "cherry-picking" and implementing ideas out of one organization’s culture and inserting it into another’s culture without careful consideration of the context and appropriate modifications seldom works.


Keeping the organization aligned with the enterprise's strategy has significant performance implications and is a very important task for the enterprise's leadership. Because of unrelenting change in the enterprise's external business environment, new ideas and systems are designed and implemented to continually enhance the organization's performance. Vantage Resources, Inc.'s professionals have the in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in analyzing the existing organization, design and/or modify a "best practice," and implement it in a way that is consistent and enhances rather than dilutes the organization's capabilities. To ensure effective implementation and administration, Vantage Resources, Inc. partners with the internal client resources and through a comprehensive diagnostic, root cause analysis, joint solutions formulation, and implementation planning and results measurement organizations, and effectively formulate solutions, install new processes, and continuously develop and improve.


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