The Vantage Resources, Inc. Value Proposition

Vantage Resources, Inc. provides businesses with world-class consulting expertise to transform and align the enterprise with the specific intent of increasing speed, quality, and agility for unparalleled customer satisfaction and long-term profitable growth.


Providing our clients with quality and professional solutions is not enough. The transfer of skills and learning is critical if those solutions are to be effectively implemented and sustained in the future. No promises of "quick fixes," or easy, pre-determined "rubber stamp" solutions. No early "flash" results that quickly fade into being just another program of the month. Vantage Resources, Inc. offers just solid work that is grounded in business/organization theory, years of practical experience and proven success. At Vantage Resources, Inc., we believe success begins with strong working relationships with our clients. These operating principles translate into our point of view that the responsibility we have to our clients does not end at the organizational analysis and design phase, but through extends into implementation and follow-through.


In complex transformations or primary organization system changes, Vantage Resources, Inc.’s approaches the enterprise as an integrated set of operating systems and considers the technical and social dimensions of organizational design. This whole systems approach makes it possible to offer our clients "beginning-to-end" solutions by integrating the phases of organizational design and transformation into a coherent and seamless process. Also, Vantage Resources, Inc. partners with our client's internal resources to ensure that a cross-section of perspectives is considered and the best and most relevant solutions are developed and implemented. The benefit to our client is not only an effective outcome but the transfer of knowledge that is essential to effectively execute and sustain the changes for the long term.


Vantage Resources, Inc. helps clients develop an organizational outcome through a proven effective organization design process that manages risk while producing innovated outcomes. We offer and integrate our expertise with the client’s internal resources resident knowledge to provide a level of capability and perspective not normally available in a traditional external consulting contracted structure. From this process, the organization becomes aligned with the strategic intent of the business with an organization leveraged for speed, agility, and quality... translating into customer satisfaction and the bottom line: profitable growth.

Vantage Resources, Inc. begins by taking a whole systems approach, clarifying and setting the organization’s purpose and direction. Next, a complete analysis of the external business environment, technical work systems, and social systems. Existing organizational design assumption is challenged and evaluated for the value it adds to achieving the new strategy. From this knowledge base, organization architecture, support system, administrative systems, and key competencies are also aligned. This whole systems approach integrates any earlier internal change initiatives into a larger strategic framework and leverages their full potential. Organization change initiatives, without an overarching transformation strategy, risk optimizing the sub-systems but sub-optimizing the enterprise.


The Vantage Resources, Inc. approach to organizational design is not to bring in a large team of external resources, conduct an extensive study, and hand the client a detailed report of recommendations and solutions. A fixed overhead cost of outside resources is not needed to be factored into the consulting fee offering clients exceptional value. Rather, a two-person Vantage Resources, Inc. team provides a proven organizational design process, organizational design expertise, an education process for an internal design team development, and facilitation skills to navigate the complexities of the organizational design and implementation processes.


Each year, Vantage Resources, Inc. grows by carefully selecting new clients to begin close consultant/client relationships. Our client portfolio is managed to reflect diversity across industries, organizational size, geographical location, and the public and private sectors. This consideration not only enables strict confidentiality and eliminates potential conflicts of interest, but also provides a rich field for continuous learning. This learning is constantly applied to our client's enterprises and perpetuates the development of leading-edge technologies.


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